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Our Recruiting Experts

Christopher Männer

Head of Talent Acquisition & Relations

Together with my team, I strive every day to position Tchibo as an attractive and versatile employer and to fill our vacancies with talented people. What a dream job!


Franziska Gellrich

Team Leader Talent Relations & YT Programmes (Sabbatical)

Tchibo feels like one big, diverse family - a place where you can start the day with the designer, have lunch with the IT lady, and sweat it out on the spinning bike with your store colleagues in the evening. If you have a problem that seems unsolvable, there's bound to be someone nearby who can help. That makes Tchibo a very pleasant place to work :-)


Markus Wittlake

Team Leader Recruitment

What makes my job extremely exciting is actively supporting topics such as digitalization at Tchibo from a recruiting perspective and working with many people in the process. The best way for me get away from it all is gaming or to go cycling ;-)

My departments: HR, Production, IT


Corinna Krämer

Recruiting Manager

True to the motto "come as you are", I love getting to know a wide variety of candidates every day and connecting them to their own personal dream job.

My departments: Corporate Responsibility, Non-Food, MaxIngvest AG, Supply Chain & Digitalization, Shops Inside Sales.


Anna-Lisa Mehler

Recruiting Manager

Privately I am a weightlifter, while professionally a matchmaker for Tchibo 😊 The diverse interactions with applicants are always exciting and unbelievably enriching. When things “spark” on both sides and a decision is made to work together, it gives me a brilliant sense of achievement.

departments: Customer Satisfaction, Accounting, Controlling, Logistics, Purchasing, Legal Department, Coffee


Benjamin Rohden

Recruiting Manager

My goal is to identify transparently and on an equal footing whether a working relationship is a good fit for both company and applicant. Only then I have done my job right!

departments: (Online) Marketing, Corporate Communications, Online Sales, (Online) Sales International, Online Platform & Technology, Consumer Insight, Tchibo Mobil


Finja Schulz

Recruiting Manager

I like the diversity of my job, because I can slip in and out of different roles every day. Ranging from business strategist, marketing expert, detective, networker, trendsetter, project manager to problem solver... and that is exactly what motivates me every day! :-)

My departments: Sales, Non-Food


Ricarda Hospach

Recruiting Manager

I love all the variety in my job. I enjoy the switch between recruiting for production and events & cooperation; it makes my day-to-day work extremely varied. Talent relations are very close to my heart, with the goal of building sustainable relationships with talented people.

My departments: Production + Events & Cooperations


Madeleine Keller

Junior Recruiting Manager

Searching for the perfect match is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time, and not just in dating life. It also applies to seeking the perfect match for a job at Tchibo. In so doing I get to know all kinds of people and the most diverse personalities, who constantly broaden my perspective on the world. That’s what I enjoy most about my job as a recruiter, so I'm always happy to accept the challenge.

My departments: Sales + Events & Cooperations


Our Young Talent Heroes

Meike Ziebold

HR Expert Young Talent

Supervising our working students is my mission: from the moment they start to when they bid farewell. I try to put together a feel-good package that guarantees them an exciting time at Tchibo. The exchanges of ideas with the various departments also brings fresh inspiration in my work.

My department: Interns, working students & thesis writers (Headquarters & Production)
+49 40 6387 3268

Julia Gerlach

HR Young Talent Manager

What inspires and motivates me every day is giving our apprentices and dual students the best possible start to their careers and accompanying them on their way as a mentor. For me, it's the best job in the world!

My department: Apprenticeship (Headquarters & Production)
+49 40 6387 4232

Caroline Bitterschulte

HR Young Talent Manager

When I'm not sweating it out at CrossFit training, I'm looking after the Tchibo managers of tomorrow: our trainees. The chance to work with young, dynamic people makes my job extremely diverse and exciting.

My department: Trainees (Headquarters & Production)
+49 40 6387 3616

Unser Recruiting Support Team

Petra Solle

Specialist Talent Relations

I have never regretted my decision to work in human resources. Being there every day to welcome new employees and seeing all the hopeful faces makes my job special for me. In close communication with the various departments, our aim is to provide each candidate with the best possible information and career advice.

My department: Talent Relations Headquarters & Production
+49 40 63873353

Dorit Kantorzik

Specialist Shop Recruitment

As a family business, Tchibo stands for diversity and togetherness. I support our stores in their search for new employees and provide our applicants with advice and assistance even before they send in their applications. A short, uncomplicated application process is the be-all and end-all. For my work-life balance, I like to roam through the green parts of Hamburg.

My department: Recruiting Support Shops
+49 40 63874595

Our Talent Relations & Acquisition Experts

Emily Lake

Talent Relations & Acquisition Expert

Tchibo and IT are two ever-present terms in my daily work. It is an incredibly exciting task to find bright minds who will become additional team members, to get to know them and ideally turn them into coffee lovers.

My departments: Active Sourcing & Applicant Management (IT/Tech).


Anika Rossky

Talent Relations & Acquisition Expert

While active sourcing, I can look forward to varied interviews every day. I am not only passionate about Tchibo professionally, but also privately :-).

My departments: Active Sourcing (IT/Tech) + Employer Branding


Shawnee Dierks

Talent Relations & Acquisition Expert

What excites me most about my role is the combination of creative tasks, strategic to-dos and project topics. No two days are ever the same, and every day I'm in contact with a wide variety of people - whether on the candidate side or internally with my colleagues.

My departments: Active Sourcing & Employer Branding


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