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Tchibo Tech Vlog

Tchibo Tech -Insights-

Our tech colleagues report first-hand about their day-to-day work. How do we work together? Which technologies do we use? Are we more home office or office based? Check it out!

Episode 2: Konstantin

Episode 3: David & Caro

Episode 4: Dennis & Martin

Deep Dive into
Cloud Computing at Tchibo

Find out about our cloud platform deployment, transformation and the vision we have adopted in our tech world.

SAP Cloud

Episode 1: Sebastian Seiler

IoT Platform

Episode 2: Bernd Schwegmann

Analytics & BI

Episode 3: Omar Hairani

Hunter Webshop

Episode 4: Frerk Lätari

What Techs do
Our Tchibo Tech vlog

In our vlog series "What Techs do", we introduce you to our colleagues in the Tchibo Tech department. By watching these videos you’ll learn some fascinating details about the exciting and innovative topics we're currently working on to further the digitalization of Tchibo.

Episode 1: Daniel Moll

Daniel Moll reports on how he helps his Tchibo colleagues cross the digital street every day and what is so appealing about agile cross-channel product development.

Episode 2: Daniel Hoherz

What's so special about working in a family business? What are lunch dates about? How does Tchibo implement end-to-end processes in the IT landscape for an optimal customer experience? Daniel Hoherz gives you answers to all these questions.

Episode 3: Frerk Lätari

Frerk explains how cloud-based technologies lead to more freedom and creativity in webshop development and how important it is to allow things to change.

Episode 4: Bernd Schwegmann

Bernd is responsible for developing our branch store business applications in Tchibo IT. He shows you how agile methods and good communications help us in software development.