People & culture

People & culture

Want to know what makes Tchibo a good employer?

Quite simply: our staff are the faces of our brand. Around 12,100 people work for Tchibo worldwide - over 7,900 of them in Germany. We see ourselves as one big family in which everyone can contribute their skills and talents, so that we inspire our customers time and again with diversity and a wealth of ideas. Read on to find out what makes Tchibo so special as an employer, what career opportunities are available and some of the very personal Tchibo stories that our colleagues have to tell.

Corporate culture

Why working at Tchibo is simply different!


One Tchibo

With Tchibo as an employer, you become part of one big family. We are a team of strong personalities who are passionate about our brand and inspired by the diversity that makes us so special. More important to us than agreeing about everything is openness, honesty and genuine closeness. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to be who he or she is. We support each other and pull together. In the end, we are all one Tchibo.


Our best customers

Every day we give our all to inspire our customers with our products and to offer them a great experience in our shops. Of course, we never miss out ourselves: Whether you obtain our products online or from the in-house shop at our Tchibo headquarters in Hamburg - as soon as you start at Tchibo, you quickly become one of our most loyal customers. So as soon as they start at Tchibo, employees quickly become our foremost brand ambassadors.


Coffee talks

The best conversations usually happen over a cup of coffee, don't they? Personal exchanges are just as much a part of our Tchibo corporate culture as good coffee. Whether in the cafeteria or over lunch in our restaurant, we love to network with each other and learn more about each other during refreshment breaks.

Faces at Tchibo

Our young stars

Mats Petersen

Trainee E-Commerce

How would you describe cooperation and colleague cohesion at Tchibo? I think that the high level of cohesion is the main reason many people stay at Tchibo for such a long time. Colleagues become friends and sometimes the working day ends together at the leisure centre.

Defne Cömert

Intern Corporate Communications

What has been the most exciting experience of your work so far? I particularly enjoy working on our podcast "5 cups a day". We have many different topics and guests (both external and from Tchibo) who can report with their special areas of expertise.

Anne Feldmann

Dual Student Business Administration

Which object would you describe as representative of your work at Tchibo? A coffee to-go cup. In every department I go through, the coffee in the cup changes - sometimes with sugar, sometimes black, sometimes with milk foam. You always get to know something new and at the end you have found your individual favourite coffee. A coffee to go works wonders!

Marvin Krajewski

Apprentice Property Manager

What do you find special about the culture at Tchibo? The openness and the relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes you have conversations with colleagues at the coffee bar who you didn't know at all before.

Our creative minds

Christian Ohlendorf


What exactly do you do in your job at Tchibo? The best description of the work of a designer is product creator. I try to identify needs and come up with products that, in the best case, make people's lives easier. I pay attention to using the right materials and colours, as these also play an important role.

Jamie Macfarlane

Media designer / graphic designer

What are the highlights for you during a normal working day? When samples for a showcase design are delivered, the great excitement is always to see whether everything fits and then to view the object we have created on the screen in 3D.

Our shop heroes

Larissa Meyer-Riekenberg

Trainee Shop Manager

Was there a recent project or work situation that called for courage? When I took over the position of deputy branch manager during the trainee week.

Katrin Frank

Shop Manager Hamburg Headquarters

Which Tchibo products do you come across most often in your work? Almost all products. Our roasted coffee, our non-food articles, Tchibo Mobil, etc. Actually, I deal with all products on a daily basis.

Niklas Knöchel

Shop Manager Hamburg Osterstraße

What did you think of Tchibo before you started working here and has your impression changed since? I used to think Tchibo was just a shop where only my parents would find something to suit them. Since working here, that has changed completely. Tchibo has also changed significantly over time, it has become more modern and also more attractive for younger people.

Our process experts

Annika Jannsen

Team Leader Shop-in-Shop Concepts

What are your personal highlights on a normal working day? Definitely the opening of a long-planned shop. We plan the shop concepts individually and I'm always thrilled about how shiny and new our shops are when they open!

Soo-Mi Lee

Team Leader Buying for Home & Living

What has been the most exciting experience of your work so far? Every trip to Asia is an adventure. The visits to the factories where our products are made are always exciting and even after more than 20 years I often learn something new each trip.

Maximilian Schulz

Team Leader Road Transport Operations

What exactly do you do in your job at Tchibo? As examples, I make sure that our organic boxer shorts arrive on time at our customer’s house and a coffee rarity gets delivered to our shop in Mühlenkamp.

Kathleen Rohmann

Team Leader Customer Care

Which Tchibo products do you come across most often in your job? Since one of the main tasks of my team is customer contact processing, we come into contact with all Tchibo products sooner or later. Personally, I enjoy diving deeper into the world of Tchibo coffee.

Our future creators

Sina-Maria Schönlein

Project Manager Logistics & Sustainability

Which Tchibo products do you come across most often in your job? All of them and none of them. I don't have direct contact with the products, but we still move them all.

Cristina Graack

Senior Manager Sustainability

What was the best moment in your job at Tchibo? I was the first buyer to work in our Hong Kong office TMH. It was for half of 2001, during which I had the chance to gain a lot of insight into the procurement structures, travel to several countries in the region and met many of our producers.

Tianne Groeneveld

Lead Manager Sustainability Coffee

What exactly do you do in your job at Tchibo? I and my team are responsible for working with our coffee farmers and their families to improve their living conditions, while also protecting the environment.

Valentin Marinovic

Career Programme Sales Manager Distribution

What made you take a job at Tchibo? I was looking for a new challenge within a company where one's own personality is valued and the focus is on continuous development. I then became aware of an opportunity at Tchibo, specifically the Sales Manager Career Programme. I am currently in the first phase as District Manager for Sales Depot on the road.

Our production geniuses

Group Leader Packing Operations

Why did you decide on your current job/position? I wanted to change industries and became aware of Tchibo when I was writing my Master's thesis on sales models and sustainability. I missed doing practical work while working for years in an office.

Manager Packing Operations

What are your personal highlights on a normal working day? After setting up the machines, that I am able to oversee trouble-free production.

Jasmin Raake

Lead Quality Promotion

What object would you describe as representative of your job at Tchibo? Maybe a magnifying glass, because we are the ones who put our products "under the microscope" and decide whether the product is safe and produced according to the quality standards.

Our online & tech specialists

Clarice Krause

Onsite Manager

Our slogan is "We dare to stay different. Do you?" How do you make a difference at Tchibo? How do you stay different? By simply being myself. We look for authentic personalities, and you find them working everywhere here. Every person is an individual and so is able to contribute something uniquely different at Tchibo. I feel comfortable being who I am and this aligns perfectly with the Tchibo DNA.

Kathleen Theelke

Head of PM Order & Customer

What are your personal goals at work? All our customers should perceive how unique our model is and be guided through our online shop in such a way that they fully understand the themes on offer. We want to turn our visitors into loyal customers. We want to inspire our customers with our ever-changing themes and awaken desires in them that perhaps they have not actively thought about.

Jörg Trzeciak

Head of IT Business Solutions

What is special about working in the tech sector?

A new world every week is the program here. There are always new exciting tasks and challenges. In the TECH area in particular, the work is varied and diverse. We have the opportunity to work with the business to strategically develop the company and use state-of-the-art technologies.