About us

About Tchibo

How we became what we are today

Coffee of the highest quality will probably always remain our passion - even though we at Tchibo have evolved continuously throughout our company history. What drives us? A creative environment that allows us to think big and take the next step with enthusiastic curiosity. Read on to find out more about Tchibo: about our unique business model, the origins of which we are particularly proud.

Business idea

Innovative: Our business idea

Do you know why we are called Tchibo? It originated from the name Tchiling and the German word for bean. Our founders, Max Herz and Carl Tchiling-Hiryan, had an innovative business idea in 1949. They delivered coffee by post! It's certainly no wonder that we still sell our products this way.

Tchibo history

Curious by tradition: our origins

Tchibo has stood for freshness and quality in the coffee market for over 70 years. Our first shop opened in Hamburg in 1955 and our online shop has been around since 1997. And it's no longer just about selling beans: in addition to coffee, we offer high-quality products with weekly changing themes and are internationally successful with our multi-channel business model.

Distribution system

Diverse: our distribution system

We love coffee, but we distinguish ourselves with our new non-food products every week. And we possess a unique distribution system: today there are more than 550 Tchibo shops, and over 500 of these have an integrated coffee bar. You can also find our products at many depot partners such as grocery stores, bakeries and drugstore chains. This triad makes us what we are - and we are proud of it!